The Romet Scooters enhance your everyday life

The Romet scooters are a simple and reliable means of everyday transport. The main advantages of these vehicles are the handy luggage space under the seat and easy manoeuvrability in the city. For up to 50ccm the rider needs only an AM driver’s licence or an ID. Those who have the A1 or A2 driver’s licence may choose from 125ccm or 250ccm scooters. A wide variety of choices will allow you to find the scooter that meets your expectations.

7 Models Available
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Not only for beginners

The world of motorcycles lies open for you. The Romet motorcycles have a reliable contruction and can be ridden by owners of an AM driver’s licence or an ID (thanks to their small engines and limited V-max). All of them use manual transmission. Large 17-inch wheels make them suitable for both hard-surfaced roads and lower quality surfaces. The Romet Ogar model is a tempting choice for anyone who needs a vehicle that may be used for years to come.

18 Models Available